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2/14/2012 Intro Log
2/23/2012 Gamzee meets The Dolorosa in the Workshop
2/20/2012 Room 1-02 Log
2/22/2012 Gamzee meets SS Link in the Workshop
3/01/2012 Gamzee meets John in the Library
3/02/2012 Gamzee meets Sora in the Media Room
3/06/2012 Gamzee meets Nageki in the Library
3/07/2012 Gamzee gets high with Minami
3/07/2012 Gamzee meets Kairi in the halls
3/09/2012 Gamzee and WW Link have a windy adventure
3/21/2012 Gamzee meets Kanji on the Window Floor
3/21/2012 Gamzee meets Riku in the halls
3/19/2012 Gamzee pesters Reno in the Media Room
3/21/2012 Gamzee meets Vivi in the halls
3/21/2012 Gamzee meets Yukiko in the Infirmary
3/25/2012 Gamzee speaks with the GHB on the Space Floor
3/27/2012 Gamzee at Willow's Party, Gamzee and Reno, Gamzee and Jaderi, Gamzee and Bluekat
3/28/2012 Gamzee meets Nepeta in the halls
4/03/2012 Gamzee meets Redkan in the Media Room
4/19/2012 Gamzee meets Eikichi in the Lounge
4/19/2012 Gamzee, WW Link, Linebeck Log
4/20/2012 420 Log

LABYRINTH 5/01/2012
Gamzee, Jin and MM Link arrive in the Labyrinth
Gamzee meets up with WW Link
Gamzee meets up with The Dolorosa and The Disciple
Gamzee kills everyone

5/10/2012 Gamzee fighting with Roomies
5/10/2012 Vriska kills Gamzee
5/20/2012 Gamzee Log lamenting murders and playing with Play-Doh

Infighting 6/05/2012
Gamzee and Jin W1
Gamzee in his Cell W1
Gamzee Post-Surgery W1
Gamzee Post-Surgery 2 W1

7/10/2012 Gamzee and Reno fight in the Media Room
7/12/2012 Gamzee and Wriggle's Blind Date
7/12/2012 Gamzee Blind Date Mingle
7/17/2012 Gamzee and Yellowquius Log

Whalimus 8/13/2012
Gamzee and Wriggle at the start
Gamzee, Jade, Equius, Tavros, Wriggle
Gamzee, Jaderi and Karkat
Gamzee and Kanaya

8/15/2012 Gamzee and Jaderi have a murder feelings jam.
8/31/2012 Gamzee and Tavros have a feelings jam on the beach.
10/21/2012 Gamzee and Tavros at the Halloween Event
11/07/2012 Gamzee log at The Lake
11/19/2012 Gamzee and Jaderi talk in the Workshop
12/01/2012 Gamzee Laundry Log
12/10/2012 Gamzee and sick Karkat in the Media Room
12/13/2012 Gamzee and Kanaya fight
12/14/2012 Gamzee and Jaderi are cold and feelings jam
12/17/2012 Gamzee and Vriska argue on the stairs
12/17/2012 Gamzee and sick Karkat log
12/27/2012 Gamzee and Tavros' Christmas dinner
1/13/2013 Timeskip Gamzee and Jaderi are naughty boys
2/05/2013 Gamzee and Jaderi don't talk about what happened and get waffles instead
2/06/2013 Gamzee and Tavros talk about how bad Gamzee was. LONG FUCKING THREAD
2/19/2013 Gamzee Log in the Poppy Field and Circus floors
2/28/2013 Gamzee and Romeo talk religion in the Cathedral
3/14/2013 Gamzee and Kanaya meet again
3/20/2013 Gamzee log in the Weather Event
4/01/2013 Gamzee and Chloe Log
4/20/2013 Gamzee 420 Mingle Log
5/02/2013 Gamzee and Asch in the Kitchen
5/05/2013 Gamzee and Feferi fight log
5/06/2013 Gamzee Drunk Log
5/27/2013 Gamzee at the Masquerade
6/01/2013 Gamzee at the Glamour Failure
6/01/2013 Gamzee and Feferi Glamour Failure
6/01/2013 Gamzee and Tavros Glamour Failure
7/05/2013 Gamzee at the Midsummer Bash
7/15/2013 Gamzee and Richtofen Surgery Log
7/24/2013 Gamzee and Romeo Puberty Talk
8/16/2013 Gamzee Individuation + Open Log
11/17/2013 Orange Team Sux
11/26/2013 Gamzee, Reno and Richtofen at the Carnival
11/28/2013 Gamzee at the Carnival
4/10/2014 Gamzee, Jin and Richtofen Reunification Log
5/18/2014 Gamzee at the Ex Machina Mingle Log

[community profile] apprenticewanted
2/21/2014 Gamzee Intro Log
2/23/2014 Gamzee meets Feferi
2/26/2014 Gamzee meets Nathan
5/05/2014 Gamzee Stealing and Defacing Things Open Log
5/16/2014 Gamzee meets Porrim
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Backtagging: I live to backtag.
Threadhopping: I also live to threadhop!
Fourthwalling: Contact first, please!
Offensive subjects: I am completely okay with pretty much everything offensive.

Hugging this character: Gamzee loves hugs, he'll hug anyone, even his enemies.
Kissing this character: Same as above. He's really a very physical person.
Flirting with this character: He'll flirt inappropriately with anyone.
Fighting with this character: Perfectly fine! He's got some temper.
Injuring this character: Minor injuries are completely fine, anything major or life-altering, obviously please contact me first.
Killing this character: We can work something out, I am sure!
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: Totally fine! You'll hear a lot of loud gibberish and profane mutterings.
Kink list: For the mun and for Gamzee!
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This mailbox has a dent in it, along with some drawings and smiling/frowning faces in permanent marker.
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Recovered Items:
☠ One (1) recuperacoon, regained from the Infighting event.
☠ One (1) tub of white face paint.
☠ One (1) tub of gray face paint.
☠ One (1) bottle of sopor pills (full).
☠ One (1) blue, long-sleeved shirt.
☠ One (1) bike horn.

Equipped @ Whalimus Event:
☠ One (1) Capricorn t-shirt.
☠ One (1) pair of polka-dotted pants.
☠ One (1) pair of douchey sunglasses.
☠ One (1) gray, striped, douchey scarf.
☠ One (1) pair of purple Converse.
☠ Two (2) juggling clubs.
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TC: I mEaN, yOu GoT tO sHoW sOmE fAiTh In YoUr FrIeNdS, cAuSe ThEy'Re AlL tHe OnEs WhO'rE bEiNg To LoOk OuT fOr YoU.

TC: sO fUcK iF yOu SaY i'M nOt DoInG tHe ShIt RiGhT, tHeN wHaT tHe MoThErFuCk Do I kNoW! )


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